Obaro Tiblaze

Fire of Lafta VI Set to Hold at the MUSON centre | @obarotiblaze

September 18, 2019

Story, Story (chorus)…Once upon a time… Let me tell you all a short story… I placed a bowl under the kitchen tap yesterday & noticed the tiny drops of water was like 2secs apart from the next drop. Exhausted, I left the bowl under the tap & decided to do other things around the house, […]

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Fire of Laughter IV Set to Hold in Lagos |@obarotiblaze

August 20, 2018

• FIRE OF LAFTA is a comedy concert organized annually by an astounding and hilarious comedian named Obaro Tiblaze. Fire of lafta started November 2015 and has had three editions which did not only leave it audience contented but also gave them joy at heart. It’s yet another time for the fourth edition of Fire […]

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