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My Warri Chronicles (9) Warri/Sapele Road

May 6, 2017

There were two roads in Warri, Warri/Sapele road and the rest. Warri/Sapele road was the Capone of roads, second to none. This long stretch of road split the city in two and stretched itself across the middle from one end to the other like an over fed Python. Warri / Sapele road begins at Amukpe, […]

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Niger Delta Republic: Military Takes Over Warri

August 2, 2016

Men of the Nigerian Army, Navy, Airforce and Police yesterday took over the erstwhile quiet  streets of Warri in what someone described as a ‘show of power’. Residents were surprised to see trucks, hilux vans well about 30 in numbers, driving round the city, stopping at intervals, shoots sporadically into the air, with one of […]

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