Why Can’t The Society Let Plus-sized Ladies Be?! (Pt2) – Oma

April 4, 2018

I get messages from people angry that I am happy in my skin… I tell them its a choice, I will take care of my body, the excess folds of skin I have,my big tommy, cellulites and thick thighs until it wears off. What about relationships and marriage…. The hustle is real. Getting a real […]

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Why Can’t The Society Let Plus-sized Ladies Be?! (Pt1) – Oma

March 28, 2018

Growing up has it’s perks and its even worse when you are FAT, especially when family, friends, work mates and even your lover keeps rubbing it in your face. There isn’t any manual that states what to do when you are being fat shamed. People see you and pass judgment without a flinch,they derive pleasure […]

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August 2, 2015

I get asked all sort of questions. And, this is getting more frequent (than usual): “Doctor, how do I add some flesh…I am too skinny!” Some guys want the Macho-man looks. Some ladies want more curves & flesh on some parts of their bodies. And some have a medical problem of being “underweight”. And they […]

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