​Beans and Akamu=2.1 by Elsie Dennis O’Karo

July 11, 2017

We had a friend about 20 years ago. This man had a large family, maybe six or seven kids, not too sure now. He was a junior staff in a big organization and his pay was small. I never visited their home but my husband did a number of times. And he told me this […]

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[Opinion] Let Children Be Children. 

January 22, 2017

So my kid cousin turned a year old today and his parents been so happy decided to mark it even in the  midst of recession, with the way the invitation came one will think it was just a little get together until I arrived the venue and could not get a place to park, after […]

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[Parenting] Tips to Raise Psychologically Healthy and Happy Kids

October 28, 2015

Today we will be helping you with some effective techniques to raise psychologically healthy and happy children. So here we go: Create a safe and happy environment around your home: The more your home environment is safe and jolly for your child, the more psychologically healthy he/she will be. A good and balanced home environment […]

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Parenting: You Are The Problem

March 19, 2015

We prepare to go to earn a degree, we prepare to go on vacation, we prepare to go shopping, we prepare before marriage, but what about parenting? Good morning! Still on our series, we want to look at the third unsaid truth about parenting. The truth is YOU are the problem. Let me take you […]

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