MCM: Oreva Akakasi, ‘Mayor of Warri’

June 26, 2017

Oreva Akakasi the self acclaimed ‘Mayor of Warri’ Loves all things creative. Call it Fashion, Music, Arts, events and most importantly God (Nobody does it better). His passion for arts and creativity has put him in the forefront of the Warri creative community through various platforms;  He is the Lead creative at Virtuosity, A community […]

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A Night of Stories ‘n’ Harmonies In Warri

June 6, 2016

Virtuosity presents Stories ‘n’ Harmonies….it was black and white themed and a sight to behold. It started with the black carpet and shots were taken by the talented lawyer turned photographer, Solomon Abe of AFE studios. It was parked with talent, beauty and so much Waffi swag that is so original… So Waffi.. and the […]

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