There’s No Replacement For Family And Training


La’Familia Istullo. Yeah, i used to admire the mob, the mafia (still like them); for they above all else understand the OVERWHELMING IMPORTANCE of Family. Family is everything. Family is EVERYTHING to me, always has and always would be. Family is so important that;  “You are where you are right now because of your family” (Self quote). Think and reflect before you disagree, However, your divergent view is welcomed.

I will share a post on “LA FAMILIA” soon; and tell you why the Mafias are so successful. 

This world is indeed ran by “bloodlines and connections”. Look at the Waltsons’, the Rothschilds’, Rockafellas’, The Trumps’, The Bushs’, The Owoakpo’s, The Dangotes’, The Sanusi’s, I could go on … 

From this day forth, make a conscious decision to start building the right connections. One very SURE way one you can rise with is your family, Sure. 

But make no mistakes, they MUST BE TRAINED. Otherwise, you all goof together, and so great will be your fall. 

An Untrained person is one of the two most dangerous persons in your life (A post on this coming up as well; “The two most dangerous persons in your life”). 

Even if you are a Leader, a Billionaire, a Successful Entrepreneur,  a Pastor/Bishop, a Politician, Teacher or a Sage, it doesn’t make your siblings or children automatically same. 

You must identify their STRENGTHS, and TRAIN them accordingly to become EXPERTS in their varying fields. To each his/her own. 

You must also learn how to harness that developed skill and potentials for your collective good to achieve monumental results.

Invest in your family or they tear you  apart. 

Have a great day!
Oj Lugard.


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