Tips To Maintaining Curly Crochets

By Eloho Roland-Udoh

Where are all my crochet lovers that slay effortlessly? Gather here quickly as we have village meeting. So you love crochets for a whole lot of benefits but maintaining it has always been a challenge. Relax, girl! I have some quick tips to share on how to maintain curly crochets!

TIP 1: Minimise manipulation throughout the day. Sis, kindly KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR HAIR!

TIP 2: Lightly separate and detangle strands NIGHTLY and trim away frizzy and fray ends.

TIP 3: Spray with water and apply a small amount of aerosol and alcohol free curling mousses as needed.

TIP 4: Use the pineapple method to protect your curls at bedtime. How does this method work? Pull your hair into a loosely banded high ponytail, tie a satin scarf around your head and cover the top with a satin bonnet.

TIP 5: Nourish your scalp with natural oils

TIP 6: See your stylist in 3 weeks for an in-depth maintenance that includes shampoo and touch up.

So you have it. Way to keep your curly crochets banging. Got more tips on how you manage yours? Drop them in the comment section. I will be there!

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Eloho Roland-Udoh is the MD/CEO Locks By Cutey, a hair and accessories company.


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