Two Robbers killed in a foiled Armed robbery operation in Warri


Two Armed robbers met their Waterloo Yesterday evening with one escaping and the fourth believed to be drowned in the Ekpan river, when men of the Mobile Police aka Mopol, aborted their escape run on the NPA express way opposite Chevron.

They are believed to have snatched a black Toyota Highlander around Okere rd, wherein they exchanged gunsfire with the police in that area.

They however, were able to maneuver their way out of the area and made their way to the express,  obviously ignorant that all highway patrol teams were on the lookout for them.

Luck ran out on them when one of the patrol team, on sighting them, started a chase.


Their vehicle skidded off the road, somersaulted severally and landed on the bank of the river.

An eyewitness told WarriUpdate that the policemen opened fire on them as they were attempting to escape into the river, killing two of them instantly. One succeeded in diving into the river but not before receiving several bullets. He’s believed to have drowned, while the whereabouts of the fourth is still unknown.

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