Uniben students protest fees increment.

The students of University of Benin last week protested the hike in fees. The school this session increased the prices of various levy meant to be paid by students and this resulted in a massive protest by students of the institution.

The increment saw hostel fee go up to 20000 naira from 8000 naira and acceptance fee which was formally 50000 niara rise to 100000 naira. Transfer fee which was formally 30000 naira has now been uped to 100,000 also.

Students of the federal University came out en mass to voice their complaints and barricaded the school’s Maingate on the day of convocation denying even the chancellor Emir Sanusi entrance into the school premises.

The actions of the students has resulted to no major good as the school’s Senate board has gone ahead to dismiss every of the hostel occupants. They shut down power and water supply in a bid to pressure students to leave the hostels.

Further updates shall be shared on this blog.

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