Update on the alleged ‘war’ between a female activist and Hon. Solomon Ahwinahwi

The camp of the Hon. have given a ‘robust’ reply. Read here;

“I have recently watched and read some posts on Olorogun Hon. Solomon Ahwinahwi. I don’t want to go into details, however, let me use this medium to appeal to all those who have made one comment or the other that, we should be decent and respectable in our comments. As a public servant, Hon. Solomon cannot shy away from criticisms, but such criticisms should be constructive and not destructive! Hon. Solomon is available at all times to respond to any issue concerning his Constituency. On the issue of his empowerment programme, a date will soon be fixed for it, the delay is not unconnected with the fact that he wants it large, and has been buying more products to add to the ones SMEDAN brought. Once more, I appeal to all those agitated by this, to pls persevere and refrain from bringing personal issues to it in a most disgusting manner. I apologized to all those maligned!”–Olorogun Fred Okiemute Majemite

In the same vein, Elsie Reed has posted in reponse to what the camp of Hon. Solomon wrote. Read below


My attention has been drawn to a statement allegedly issued Fred Okiemute Maijemite, an associate of Solomon Awhimawhi wherein he has promised to distribute the SMEDEN materials to his constituents in Ughelli North/ South/ Udu FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY in a future date.
In-as-much-as we condemn the uncouth  language employed in issuing that statement, we take solace in the fact that he has admitted the fact that he has not DISTRIBUTED the empowerment  materials provided by the federal government
Nevertheless, having regard to the present development we hereby suspend the distribution of posters, fliers and handbills originally slated for this week.
Consequently, we shall wait for three months starting from today to observe how and when Solomon Ahwinahwi will distribute the SMEDAN empowerment materials to the good people of Ughelli North/Ughelli South/Udu Federal Constituency. 
We are officially in a waiting mode.

Elsie Halima Ijorogu-Reed

A Concerned constituent.

More updates as the drama unfolds

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