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Everyone faces procrastination, few have mastered the art to use procrastination to execute. Remember it is not what you lack that stops you, it is what you already have but don’t know how to use. #R4HL

I use to have the challenge of procrastination that I can even procrastinate my eating food during the day till I found out a way to use it to my advantage. The truth is procrastination is like one of the major thing many people have in common. We all somehow seem to put off till later what should be done now and we never get to do them later.

Now here is what I learned on how to use procrastination to execute. It has worked for me and is still working, so you can put it to use. I know you set goals, have accountability partner, even have hired the services of a life coach yet you still battle with procrastination but it ends today if you apply what I share with you.

Three simple ways to use procrastination to execute:

1) Once is comes to MIND, don’t hesitate DO IT. The mind is a special reminder of what you must do and the more you learn to immediately do it, the better you become at following your intuition.

2) Attach a REWARD for not doing what you MUST do. This one beats your accountability partner to it, so if for every time you procrastinate you reward someone a gift of N1000 I guess you did rather do what you must do than pay someone for not doing what you must do.

3) Use the Mel Robbins “5 Second Rule”. This helps you countdown and launch yourself to action like a NASA rocket. You countdown 5,4,3,2,1 then execution. Anything you allow to exceed the 5 second rule, you have just activated procrastination.
Procrastination many times is the unseen battle between the mind and the brain. If the brain wins, you see reasons to procrastinate, but if the mind wins, execution happens immediately. #DeepThinking

You know whatever you practice you become great at, once you learn to practice how to use procrastination to execute then you become a master at it. #R4HL

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