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Kendor Consulting is currently sourcing talents for some of its client firms in Lagos, Nigeria.

Client 1

Our client is a Human Resources and Management Consulting firm in the Lekki area of Lagos.

Job Reference Number: BDM02
Job Title: Business Development Manager
Location:Lekki, Lagos

Description: This person must have a passion for solution selling, a love of sales, an appreciation of process and planning, a strong sense of team and the ability to cultivate and manage long term client relationships. He/She must have a natural inclination to constantly network and thrive on winning against competition.

Key Responsibilities

▪ Setting direction for the business development, marketing and sales effort of the organisation
▪ Developing and executing the annual business development and sales plan
▪ Developing and implementing business development, sales and marketing strategies
▪ New product/service development
▪ Client relations management; maintaining relationships and generating referrals and business
▪ Increase quality and quantity of client database
▪ Manage sales/analyst/temp/support staff as assigned
▪ Promotion of company products and services
▪ Conducting analysis, research and data collection;
▪ Preparing business proposals/presentations and reports;
▪ Execution of the company’s annual training calendar

Person Specification
This person should have previous experience in successfully selling training programmes and consultancy services, giving stand-up presentations, writing proposals and networking with client organizations. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, strong computer skills, including working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs is desirable.

B Sc in Business Administration, Marketing or a related field
10 years experience in executing marketing and business development initiatives in a similar firm.

Client 2

Our Client is a leading Value Added Service solutions provider in Nigeria.

Job Reference Number: VPM02
Job Title: VAS Project Manager
Location: Lagos

Description: The VAS Project Manager will be responsible for closing deals with Vendors / Operators and B2B, B2C clients to ensure product quality is in line with the demand and generating revenue by strategic & innovative methods.


▪ Close deals with Vendors / Operators and B2B, B2C clients to ensure product quality is in line with the demand.
▪ To generate revenue by strategic & innovative methods.
▪ Promote and sell VAS across various business channels.
▪ Work with the team to implement the strategic partner relationships tactic with the Operators, 3rd Party, Solution Providers and Content Providers for VAS Solution.
▪ Identify potential business alliances with Operators, 3rd Party, Solution Provider and Content Providers in coordination with the business objective.
▪ Establish projects and create planning / feasibility study for opening new business opportunities with the Operators, 3rd Party, Solution Provider and Content Providers.
▪ Establish activities on VAS with the Operators, 3rd Party, Solution Provider and Content Providers that will increase and generate revenue.
▪ Establish valuable business model approach to the Operators, 3rd Party, Solution Provider and Content Providers on VAS that would be indirectly beneficial to the company.
▪ Analyze VAS content on performance and advertisements.
▪ Manage and market content across Operators, 3rd Party, Solution Provider and Content Providers, building opportunity to generate revenue.
▪ Provide detailed reports & charts of project performance.
▪ Provide weekly, monthly and annual revenue reports of alliances with Operator, 3rd Party, Solution Providers and Content Providers that we have partnered with.
▪ To request & follow up monthly financial statement on revenue share for VAS Services of Operators, 3rd Party, Solution Provider and Content Providers.
▪ Identify and inform about the technical support required for the services being implemented.
▪ Responsible for developing relationship strategically focusing on the Operators, 3rd Party, Solution Provider and Content Providers.

* Minimum of 5 years experience in VAS.
* Minimum of a first degree.
* A sales/commercial background and must be able to establish solid relations across Vendors, Operators and 3rd party.

Client 3

Our client is a leading logistics company with its operational base in Lagos, Nigeria.

Job Reference Number: GMOP1
Job Title: General Manager Operations
Location: Lagos

Description: The General Manager Operations is responsible and accountable for the functional and financial operation of the fleet and the maintenance of the fleet by overseeing and supporting key functions within the company.


▪ Make decisions about the types of vehicles and trucks to acquire and the most suitable method of financing the fleet.
▪ Inspects fleet and trucks making vehicle document replacements necessary.
▪ Travel to various destinations to inspect preventive maintenance performed on fleet and trucks.
▪ Research prices of parts to place orders for repairs.
▪ Assist in developing and providing reports consistent with fleet and transportation plan.
▪ Manage staff, preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties.
▪ Registering and licensing vehicles, and ensuring that licenses are always up to date.
▪ Maintain fleet service and inspection records to ensure compliance with servicing schedules or leasing companies’ maintenance requirements.
▪ Maintain records to demonstrate that fleet operations comply with state laws
▪ Maintain vehicles in peak operating condition and set up scheduling programs.
▪ Negotiate strict servicing time limits and negotiate priority repair schedules with service centers.
▪ Determine staffing requirements, and interview, hire and train new employees for fleet operations.


▪ Minimum of 10 years experience in vehicle logistics and fleet management.
▪ Minimum of a first degree.
▪ Must have managed at least a fleet of 50 trucks and above.

Client 4

Our client is a foremost Insurance company in Nigeria.

Job Reference Number: HPDCI1
Job Title: Head, Product Development and Channel Innovation
Location: Lagos

Description: The Head, Product Development and Channel Innovation will identify and commercially develop innovative business ideas across different market segments including Retail (especially the mass market), SME and Corporate.


▪ Identify clients, understand their needs and preferences, design new products and/or enhance existing ones according to customer needs, develop costing and pricing, conduct pilot tests, develop a product launch strategy, and provide marketing support.
▪ Designing innovative delivery channels for current and new products and services through identifying, developing, and monitoring the product channel mix.
▪ Working collaboratively with our technology, underwriting, claims and actuarial functions to develop new strategies and products by providing valuable new insights into customer needs, new technologies or business partners
▪ Managing a research programme to keep abreast of new and emerging trends and technologies
▪ Defining, building and delivering concepts for new value creation through innovation in channels, products and services
▪ Collaborating with internal and external partners to drive innovation initiatives through full process from idea to commercialisation
▪ Managing the Innovation team and budgets to demonstrate return on investment within a reasonable timeframe
▪ Carrying out other assignments delegated by the Group Managing Director from time to time


B.SC, M.Sc. and Professional Qualification


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