Dear reader today, I will show you one of the most effective techniques for overcoming Premature Ejaculation!


Change your style. Change your position – your sex position. See, we have discovered that guys that lack the ability to last long in bed – guys that ejaculate easily and quickly – maintain a particular position: the common missionary position (where the man is on top of the lady). And, from about 5 years of counseling and helping couples get better in bed, I have discovered that those with quick ejaculation start lasting longer when they let their women be on top in bed.

So, in this technique we will be reversing the usual process and the common posture — we will let the ladies take charge; we will let the lady be on top. The lady will be on top of the guy — and this is the best position for men with fast ejaculation. Keep communicating with your woman; if the sexual pleasure rises too much and too fast, ask her to slow down or stop completely (for a short while). Tell her to start again, when the sexual feeling drops.

Hope you are learning some cool stuff!

Always here for you,
Dr. ‘Malik

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