Warri Chief Allegedly Murders Wife

It was a sad day in Jeddo community, near Warri this morning when the death of the wife of the highest ranking chief of Edjeba community in Warri, Cashier Ikpuri, also known as the Unuodo of Edjeba, was announced. The Unuodo is the King of Agbassa-Warri’s Minister in charge of Edjeba. 
The rumour has it that the chief went to visit the wife only to meet her with another man in their matrimonial home. He’s believed to have been enraged and shot the wife to death. 

The story however had a new twist as the statement presented to the police is different. The Chief has reported that they were attacked by armed Robbers, who shot and killed his wife. Neighbours in the area disagreed, that there was no armed robbery operation in the neighbourhood. 

The matter is presently with the police and be rest assured that WarriUpdate™ shall keep you abreast with the developments, as they unfold. 

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