Only a fool will dismiss the power of social media.
Back in the days, it was nothing more than a casual way of keeping in touch with friends, share photographs and jokes especially, through broadcast, but today it has become a force for societal change, It has been used to beam bright light on dark subjects, widening scopes of  conversations, empowering and uniting strange bedfellows in a number of ways.
We cannot deny the role social media played to make Barack Obama President or ignore how it help to sell PMB to Nigerians in the last presidential election.
Social media is a medium for connecting, organizing and communicating. It’s fast spreading change beyond boundaries.
We the People in #Warri seeks to exploit this tools and bring about notable change in our city.
If you want to be part of the change, Join us and let’s change our city, through social media.
Venue: Club LAX, 44 Airport Road Dumez Estate opposite Mosheshe Estate.

Warri Delta State.

Time: 10:00AM

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#WarriSocialmediaHangout #WSmHo

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