WCW: Meet Patience Ene Ochigbo (@ochipattycleaners)

Meet Patience Ene Gabriel Ochigbo, the CEO of Ochipatty Limited with Ochipatty Cleaners (Laundromat) and Ochipatty Care Foundation (NGO) as subsidiaries.

A graduate of English Language from Benue State University. Worked as a Customer Relation officer in the Department of Procurement and Supply with SPDC, where she worked for 8years after her NYSC in Osun State.

She left the Oil industry to become a full time Entrepreneur. Yes full time because growing up as a child has not always been easy. While in school, she makes Hair, Mend clothes, sold recharge cards and even had a photocopier she photocopy handouts for students to make money. Also even while working with the oil industry she registered Ochipatty Limited with CAC, and use it occasionally do supplies for individuals and small companies around warri.

Going into business full time she birthed Ochipatty cleaners which is specialized in Laundry and Dry cleaning for all manner of clothes, for adult, children, male and female. They also clean Household items like Beddings (bedsheets, Pillow case, Pillows and duvet, Curtains, Teddy bears and bag. Also, garment treatment, amendment and alteration. And offer free pickup and delivery services.

She has always love washing clothes, even as a kid she preferred doing laundry than dishes. So Laundry and Dry-cleaning is not just hustle for her but a passion. her major reasons for going into Laundry was Passion for it then Low capital set up, it’s a Daily income business, the business is lucrative, also adding that people wear cloth every day and would want to keep them neat and most people don’t have the time. Also she has had her own bad experiences with other drycleaners, and wanted to be different.

Although some see the laundry and dry-cleaning business as a business that should be left for the men folk, but the truth is women will take their time in checking the clothes properly to see if there are stains or other issues, “such patience men might not have.”

Setting up, she had to go online did some training, getting to know what it is to Laundry professionally. And knowing what to do with different kinds of stains and its chemicals. She practiced them on her cloths and had perfect results. So she had a frank talk with herself that she must be different, diligent in her work, put in extra time to satisfy clients and meet up delivery time. Also should be able to package the finished work well to make them attractive before delivery to clients. Most of all, be sincere with clients as she have had an experience before she started where her clothes was burnt and parked that way and delivered to her. By the Grace of God, from the feedbacks we got during our anniversary, it is safe to say Ochipatty Cleaners have being all of these things and more in the past one year.

She knows the job herself and dose not play the boss whenever there is work to do. She can wash and iron all manner of clothes. Her staffs know that about her. I think that has been helping her a lot, because some staffs will just wake up and disappoint you by not coming to work, and she just cover up immediately as customer’s needs must be met. She has always been a workaholic, so she works extra time even holidays to meet the needs of her clients.

Ochipatty Care Foundation was birthed because she also have passion for humanity. She loves to see people grow and become solution provider. So the NGO assist the less privilege kids stay in school by providing them basic school needs and in future create an avenue for skill acquisition and empowerment for less privilege youths.

In summary it is safe to say she is a strong Lady, passionate, selfless, multi-talented, determined, and a Jesus Lover. With her Impossibility is nothing. She wants something she prays and go for it. And most of all she is a strong believer of #NewWarri

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