Why Can’t The Society Let Plus-sized Ladies Be?! (Pt1) – Oma

Growing up has it’s perks and its even worse when you are FAT, especially when family, friends, work mates and even your lover keeps rubbing it in your face.

There isn’t any manual that states what to do when you are being fat shamed.

People see you and pass judgment without a flinch,they derive pleasure in running someone down regardless of the mental torture he/she would have!!!
Medicine after death I call it. Sighs they seem to forget we are humans who feel, it goes on and on…

There is really no one to comfort you everybody keeps saying the same thing, you are too FAT lose weight.

You are confined by the standard the society has set, be unhappy because you are FAT but I’m here to ask what’s wrong being happy and FAT? Diet, exercise, fall off a cliff die and wake, slim if you can, use this product or that product, it works….you even take a bottle of water and all eyes are watching to still tell you it isn’t good for you.

Leaving people depressed, isolated and sad because we are FAT. Making us hate our bodies, running off to the gym for the wrong reasons, just to meet up with the standard the society has set and to feel accepted.

You go to banks, companies, institutions or organizations you barely get to see a fat person at the front desk or as a face of any product that needs to be advertised by a plus woman… But if you go behind the scene you will see lots of plus size women beautiful to stupor, killer figure, brainy, creative, talented e t c yet they can’t be showcased by their family members, their lovers , Friends because they are FAT.

Why can’t I be happy in my own skin and still work on my weight? Why do you have to make me feel bad because I’m FAT. Even the Bible says we are created in God’s image and likeness so by that saying God can be any shape and size.

If variety is the spice of life, then why can’t society accept the FAT people as part of this spice.
How come nobody tells a dwarf to grow taller yet they are loved and accepted by all ?
Lose weight for health reasons is over rated because it can be defied.
It is possible to be fat and healthy why do you not preach this?

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…. To be continued..

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