Why Can’t The Society Let Plus-sized Ladies Be?! (Pt2) – Oma

I get messages from people angry that I am happy in my skin… I tell them its a choice, I will take care of my body, the excess folds of skin I have,my big tommy, cellulites and thick thighs until it wears off.

What about relationships and marriage…. The hustle is real. Getting a real man that loves you the way you are is hell. I know how many relationships have been sunk because I am FAT. The moment you get that man, the same society will spring out from nowhere to condemn the union, psychologically taunting the man not to go ahead with it because she is FAT damn! Don’t we deserve love too?

What do you people really want?? Oh least I forget, the society is you and I don’t think you are left out.

Call me Big, Fat, over weight, Round or massive I don’t care, all I care is that I am in love with all of me and it takes one who sees with the heart to really Love.

In addition to my birthday, I am going to be in your faces showcasing plus beauties in different fields of endeavor.

Yours truly, Oma

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