Why You Should join DMPN (@dmpnig) by L. Basamta (@Basamta)

I hate this country…💔

Today is my second worst day ever as a Nigerian

First was when my dad died.

Like a fly in a bottle, he laid helpless as his life ebbed away because he couldn’t be admitted or treated at the hospital – Despite having enough money to care for him. Today, very much like my late dad, I stand here at the Nigerian Immigration Office, Ikoyi. Helpless, hopeless & alarmingly unable to help my 70year old mom through her ordeal of passport renewal

For four hours, I have been here, venting, pleading, cajoling & even bribing to no avail. I watched as my old, frail elderly mother melt away in the sun.

I smile in sadness as I behold babies cuddling and sleeping under the shades.

Its not news to me that Nigeria doesn’t work.

What is news is that the rot has gotten so deeper than deep. And we all are victims of this social carnage.

I remember coming to this dungeon 10 year ago. Nothing much was different even then. Everywhere stank like sewage pipes and everyone ranted as if bitten by rabid dogs.

The immigration officers were as rude and unconscionable as public servants.

As peeps hailed them like village kings, I remain angry and helpless about the fate that servants have.

Will this nation ever change?

Will I ever be able to influence it?

Can I as an individual force sense into people’s head and hold them to account for their actions?

Will Nigeria be different for my kids?And their Kids also? In my endless soliloquy it dawned on me!

DMPN is it!!!

The Digital Media Practitioners of Nigeria. Oh, what a relief!

DMPN gave me hope. It made me realise that I really do not hate Nigeria. For no one can truly hate whatever or whomever they did love.

What I hate is the hopelessness and helplessness associated with my existence in this country.

But thankfully I can do something about it. I, alongside other likeminded friends can bind forces to enthrone lasting and positive change.

We can scream from the mountain tops and force relevant people to pay attention.

We can galvanize the youths to aggregate their strength in number and disrupt the status quo.

#DMPN is an association of Digital Media practitioners, with lofty goals of changing the digital space through collaboration & innovation.

Bloggers, Social amplifiers, Influencers and digital content curators came together in a never-before-witnessed form to drive change.

Digital is the platform.

Content is the tool.

Engagement is the strategy.

Change is the goal!

DMPN hope to use digital to influence social consciousness and drive positive change.

Certainly with, change is not just possible, it is certainly achievable!

With some of the brightest young minds and the most influential Nigerians, I hope to God that this jungle of a place (Nig Immigration Office, ikoyi) never remains same. But not just this office…I hope that our hospitals, schools, community centers, places of worship, relaxation centers and many others will witness some transformation.

And that through the targeted advocacy and intentional interventions of DMPN this nation will experience definite progress

Certainly with DMPN, change is not just possible, it is certainly achievable!

And that through the targeted advocacy and intentional interventions of DMPN this nation will experience definite progress.

It’s been the most challenging and endlessly frustrating day thus far, but unveiling DMPN today is making it reasonably endurable.

My name is Lanre Basamta, and I consider it an incredible honor and esteemed privilege to be a founding member of @dmpnig

…and yeah, I love Naija to bits!😉


How To Become A Member Of DMPN

The Digital Media Practitioners Of Nigeria will be accepting new members who fulfil stipulated criteria from 6th of June 2018.

The first line of criteria for new members are:

Recommendation: Aspiring members must be recommended by Founding Members who will serve as their referees.

Application: Aspiring members who have been recommended and passed the vetting stage are to send an official application to info@dmpn.ng stating their desire to join the association. The email should also clearly state the name of the founding member that will act as their referee. When the application has being received, a response will be sent to back, containing further details on registration.

Vetting: Aspiring members must be vetted by Excos to be practising Digital Media Practitioners of repute with no taint to their brands/personality.

Dues: Aspiring members MUST pay their dues before they can be admitted into the Association.

Kindly reach out to the PRO Bukola Wahab – @Shawttynatt and Favour @⁨R⁩ouvafe on Twitter or email info@dmpn.com.ng for more information.

Who can become a DMPN member?

• Online community managers and social media strategists

• Advertising, marketing and public relations professionals

• Journalists, bloggers, publicists, and the renown media practitioners.

Thank you.

Moji Delano
Chairperson DMPN


Admin, @WarriUpdate

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