[WiN Today] Giving The Right Answer at the Right Time Makes Everyone Happy

WiN Today – 090817 – Giving the right answer at the right time makes everyone happy. Prov.15:23

There’s always that friend who will say things that are irrelevant that you’ll feel like knocking him on the head, right? It could be very depressing to have them around important discussion. Every word has a purpose. Carless words are cancerous to the soul. If your words don’t add value, they leave chaos and confusion. Irrational responses are a result of uncontrolled emotions. Don’t just say what you feel. Say what you’ve thought through. Listen carefully to hear beyond what is said. Let your response be a solution; a catalyst for right decisions and action. Put your emotions in check, you control them, they don’t control you. Don’t react to what others say to or about you. If you do, you’d become a perfect description of their expectation. See and speak above circumstances. Be careful when you speak, you may just have given life or taken same.

#RespondingWisely is one sure way to #WinAgain.

I believe you can, you will and you MUST #WinToday! Impossible is Nothing!

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Teajay Chunu is a #TeenMentor and Motivational speaker

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